From the other side22.06.2022

Country: Tripoli
Implemented by Med Dialogue Fellow: Reem FURJANI
Organization: Scene for Culture & Heritage
Duration: 26/03/2022

This event is a collective and inclusive conversation about the lost cultural resources in Libya. It involves 14 participants (managers of private cultural spaces, film-makers, and public authorities responsible for managing cultural spaces). This conversation aims to stimulate critical thinking among actors in the cultural scene about why the existing 30 cinemas, and theatres have been closed and the live music venues in Libya’s capital city (which existed between 1900 and 1970) have been stopped.

Key Activities:
  • Presenting the findings of the two inquiries (the Trace map and Cultural Resources map) through a Virtual Reality tour.
  • Conducting a Conversation in a café regarding the neglect of the first cinema in Libya, in order to encourage critical thinking about the state of the cultural sector, the relationship between the State’s policies and the communal experience, as well as, the factors affecting cultural sustainability.
  • Inviting people to express their opinion and publish their ideas on the website in order to promote the ongoing discussion in this regard.