Learning and Teaching for Sustainability15.12.2020

Country: Egypt
Implemented by Med Dialogue Fellow: Aziza Moneer
Organization: Research Institute for a Sustainable Environment (RISE), Egypt
Duration: 10-20 June 2020

A series of workshops scheduled over 10 days in Cairo, Egypt are organized in support of the development of pedagogical approaches. The purpose is to motivate the learners to act with responsibility towards the local and global environment and take necessary action.
This action aims to encourage good practices and ethics that will contribute to a more knowledgeable and active public working towards achieving a sustainable future.
Along with partners Greenish and the American University in Cairo, Aziza will promote holistic pedagogical methods that acknowledge not only learners’ preferences but also their emotions, senses, experiences, and creativity as integrated aspects of their education process. The action targets 12 pupils (school and university levels).
At the end of this action, participating pupils can better understand the environmental issues, and act positively towards the environment in their daily lives. The workshops will be organised online in case of gathering restrictions due to the Covid-19 emergency.

Key Activities:
  • Executing creative activities such as drama, gardening, food-making, recycling used materials, crafting and other forms of physical engagements in outdoor environments.
  • Organizing awareness activity to trigger positive environmental behaviors.



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