Meeting the Ecological Challenge in the Mediterranean15.12.2020

Country: Lebanon
Implemented by Med Dialogue Fellow: Jalal Halawani
Organization: Lebanese Committee for Environment and Sustainable Development
Duration: 10 June 2020

The Mediterranean Sea is one of the world’s most polluted seas. Thousands of tons of plastic are dumped in it every year. The Big Blue sea is gradually turning into a “sea of garbage” as the Mediterranean Sea is almost completely enclosed with no possibility for waste discharge.
It is in this context, this action led by Med Dialogue Fellows Jalal Halawani is to raise public awareness about the danger of plastic bags, bottles, cans, and food packaging thrown by strollers and fishermen on the coastline. The action also aims to advocate with local and national authorities on the urgency of preserving the Mediterranean Sea from anthropogenic pollution. This project will be implemented in partnership with the Palm Islands Nature Reserve (Ministry of the Environment), the fishing port of Tripoli-Mina, the municipalities of Tripoli and Mina, artisanal fishermen and some journalists.

Key Activities:
  • Preparation of an audio-visual documentary on marine pollution by plastic waste along the coast of Tripoli.
  • Organization of a campaign to clean up plastic waste in the Palm Islands Reserve and distribution of T-shirts to the participants.
  • Preparation of an information document in Arabic for walkers and fishermen in Tripoli on the danger of plastic waste dumping at sea.
  • Dissemination on social networks of messages to raise awareness of environmental conservation and the fight against marine pollution by anthropogenic waste.
  • Involvement of local authorities in the awareness campaign.




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