Simulation and Design of a basic business model in agriculture15.12.2020

Country: Palestine
Implemented by Med Dialogue Fellow: Yahya Sayhoun
Organization: International Platform of NGOs Working for Palestine
Duration: 20-30 June 2020

Gaza suffers from the destruction of most of its lands fit for agricultural crops due to factors such as saturation with pesticides and chemicals; a pollution rate of 95% in its aquifer, making it unfit for irrigation and drinking; a high population density that depends on those crops; and the risk of income loss for 30 thousand farmers. Therefore, it is vital to find alternative methods and reduce harmful practices, and cultivate new, high quality crops.
The action focuses on testing new agriculture trends and finding alternative methods that fit the nature of Gaza, to combat soil pollution, water poverty, and other effects of climate change. It is led by the Med Dialogue Fellow Yahya Sahyoun in collaboration with local authorities and other local organisations.
This action aims to utilise “wasteland” areas to design productive agricultural societies and facilities, produce high-quality crops with good investment returns to support the local community ,introduce new crops and use unconventional methods that require fewer biological materials and build support and relationships to ensure continuation of the project in a sustainable manner and transform it from a simulation activity into a solid practice with a physical dimension and wide reach.

Key Activities:
  • Conducting a capacity building workshop for young researchers and students with experts in the environmental field: this will introduce relevant parties to unconventional methods and better irrigation practices.
  • Designing a business model based on those alternative practices with a focus on overcoming pesticide and water problems.


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