The city of Kram without plastic waste15.12.2020

Country: Tunisia
Implemented by Med Dialogue Fellow: Emna Fourati
Organization: Kram Development and Environment Association (ADEK)
Duration: 1-10 June 2020

Led by the Med Dialogue Fellow Emna Fourati, this action consists of implementing an advocacy campaign, in partnership with the municipality of the Tunisian city of Kram, and the association of development and environment of Kram on the ecological challenges facing the region, with focus on plastic waste. It also aims to inform citizens at large on ways to reduce use of plastic and initiate the action of sorting plastic waste.
This action will help to better understanding of the ecological challenges of the Kram area through environmental awareness and education campaigns, to involve different actors to reduce the use of plastic (municipality, citizens, NGOs), and to create of a sorting and recovery cycle for plastic waste

Key Activities:
  • Conducting an advocacy campaign with the municipality of Kram
  • Advocating with the person in charge of the collection and recovery of plastic waste
  • Installing dumpsters in the city of Kram
  • Running an online awareness campaign (webinars, video, brochures) to sensitize Internet users (especially the citizens of the city of kram) to environmental issues.