Young Leadership Programme “Reaching regenerative systems through critical thinking”22.06.2022

Country: Rome
Implemented by Med Dialogue Fellow: Hannah ECKERT
Organization: N/A
Duration: 25/03/2022- 27/03/2022

The action is about building the capacity of young leaders within the Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO) and the World Food Program (WFP) by organising a leadership programme in order to rethink their development approach of (food security) projects and connect for a long-lasting relationship. The main purpose is to bring critical and regenerative thinking further into these organisations and projects and build a growing group of critical change-makers.

Key Activities:
  • Hosting an intensive 3-day Workshop to train individuals within the UN and establish meaningful long-lasting connections to create a systemic change from within.
  • Conducting interviews with local farmers and citizens regarding the participation of civil society and regional politicians in advancing inclusive and effective policies, transparency, and accountability.
  • Creating a Social Media campaign to raise awareness on the importance of regional sustainable development, regeneration, and democratic participation and showing how leaders are rethinking their learned approach of « development ».