RISE – Resilience and Innovation through Strengthened Entrepreneurship


The RISE project aims to increase economic resilience and employment opportunities for vulnerable groups in Morocco and Tunisia by improving institutional, technical, social and economic conditions for innovative entrepreneurial activity, inclusive growth and job creation. It will provide tailored employment-related capacity development and entrepreneurial programmes, promote networks and dialogue among actors of the business ecosystem, support entrepreneurial activity and build capacities of MSMEs to enable income generation and job creation.

The project will also address barriers to women’s employment and tailor targeting criteria to ensure 50% of beneficiaries are women. The design of activities and feedback will ensure the voices of women, young people and minorities such as refugees, displaced and disabled people are included.

Key actions involve:

National gendered needs assessments of local economy actors facing the COVID-19 crisis in Morocco and Tunisia.

National analyses to identify main economic sectors with potential in terms of employment for women, youth and vulnerable groups.

Tailored digital and in-presence technical support and trainings to SESOs, SEs and young entrepreneurs.

Networking activities between SE actors, employers and employment agencies.

50 internships for young entrepreneurs in well-established national companies.

Good practices of MSMEs and SEs successful stories overcoming the economic and health crisis collected in a guide and short videos to be disseminated at national and international levels.

Documentaries showing the problems faced by youth in accessing the labour market.

Key Resources

Key Resources Description

This storybook is a collection of good practices and successful and inspiring stories from Social Enterprisess overcoming economic and health crisis in the 3 target countries: Tunisia, Morocco and Italy.
The objective is to inspire youth to build better businesses for a better future, reflect on how to react to challenging and crisis period and create awareness for these stories of impact.


  • Author: Union For the Mediterranean
  • Number Of Pages: 23


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