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EuroMed Feminist Initiative EFI is a policy network that encompasses women’s rights organizations from the two shores of the Mediterranean and advocates for gender equality and women’s rights as inseparable from democracy building and citizenship, for political solutions to all conflicts, and for the right of peoples to self-determination. EuroMed Feminist Initiative seeks to improve and promote women’s rights as universal human rights, the value of gender equality and the use of non-violent means to solve conflicts. Our criterion and position align with the international resolutions and conventions and regional instruments promoting the universality of women’s rights and strengthening women’s impact and voices in conflict resolution.

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This report is intended to provide recommendations to governments to improve the laws based on informed decisions and to Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) to advocate and contribute to the change. To combat Violence Against Women and Girls, this report recommends reforming the legal framework by removing discriminatory articles and adopting a specific and comprehensive law on VAWG in which all forms of violence are mentioned as defined in United Nations legal and policy instruments and are comprehensively criminalised.


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