Gov! – Empowering MENA Civil Society Organisations’ Participation in Policy Making


This project seeks to strengthen the engagement of civil society organizations (CSOs) in the reform policy processes and their contribution to creating a post-2015 development agenda in four countries that show low scores in terms of governance indicators and specifically Voice, Accountability and Government Effectiveness.
The main objectives of the project are to: Build a favorable environment for inclusive, democratic and sustainable growth in Tunisia, Libya, Jordan and Palestine by fostering the involvement of CSOs. Strengthen the role of CSOs as watchdogs in the reform agenda and policy process through the improvement of governance mechanisms, enhancing capacities and establishing networks and alliances among CSOs and other stakeholders (including private ones) working at the local and regional levels.
We gov project is funded by the European Commission from 2015-2018and had a budget of € 1.1 Million. It is a regional project that targeted southern Mediterranean countries, such as Jordan, Libya, Palestine, Tunisia

Key Resources Description

This publication, intended for teachers and educators, therefore proposes methodological guidelines which, on the basis of good practices put to the test in several European countries, can help to strengthen and systematize effective global citizenship education actions within and outside the school context.


  • Author: WeWorld
  • Year: 2019


  • Language(s): English
  • Number Of Pages: 66
  • Type Of Document: Guideline


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