6th Bridging the sea debate: Towards an environmental commitment in the Mediterranean13.11.2021

The sixth and last debate in the framework of “BRIDGING THE SEA: A Review of Mediterranean Civil Society” publication was organized by LTDH (Ligue Tunisienne des Droits de l’Homme) on 7 October 2021 in Tunis.

The debate was held under the topic “Towards an environmental commitment in the Mediterranean” and aimed at highlighting Tunisian green activism as well as the role of civil society in monitoring violations and non-compliance in the environmental field (water, soil, pollution prevention, legal watch..).

Gianluca Solera, Med Dialogue Programme team leader introduced the programme, its objectives and its main achievements namely the mapping research process which involved several CSOs networks working beyond borders on various topics such as the environment issues.

During his speech, Mr. Nidhal Attia responsible for environmental programmes at the Heinrich Böll Foundation and member of the network of associations Tunisia Green presented the legal campaign, media coverage and advocacy with the Tunisian authorities against the case of waste imported from Italy.

The intervention of the Green Tunisia network was multi-approach involving legal experts, environmentalists, civil society activists, local associative networks (Gabes, Sfax, Rades …) where the first step was to file a lawsuit in view of the non-compliance of the procedures for importing waste from abroad. This was completed by missions to collect data both in Tunisia and in Italy and this through the associative partners of both shores. This action has been supported by a diplomatic intervention set up by a Tunisian deputy, Mr Majdi Karbai, who managed to mobilize his Italian counterparts on a parliamentary scale as well as on a media and political one. The issue of waste exported to Italy has been addressed by the Italian parliament. Finally, Mr. Majdi Karbai exposed the approaches and the follow-up he undertook as a Tunisian deputy resident in Italy in collaboration with Italian entities.

It is recalled that the mobilization was initially launched by the green civil society which alerted on the case so as the case became a matter of public opinion. 


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